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Learning doesn't have to stop after the bell rings! Mad Science after-school programs are both educational and fun. Our hands-on, one-hour, 6-week science programs include such topics as chemistry, electricity, magnetism, optics, biology, and many more. We have 8 different sets of programming, so schools will not see the same set rotate through their school for 3-4 years!

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All About Our After-School Programs

The After-School Experience

Each of our classes includes several science experiments and activities that will challenge each student and allow them to channel their inner scientist!

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Educational Science-Themed Take-Homes

At the end of each class, students get to take home their very own Mad Science educational science-themed project that reflects what they learned that day.

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Happy Customers

Here's what schools have to say about our after-school programs!

We are very interested in having you all back as often as possible. Our students and families really LOVE your program.

Deborah Candler, Principal

Salt Lake City, UT

My kids LOVE this program! It’s very hands on, and they love bringing home something each week and showing us what they learned about! Highly recommend!

Evelyn Bateman

Pleasant Grove, UT

I love this program because after each class my son comes home with something new exciting to tell us, we love that he’s so engaged in it and new vocabulary he has learned.

Kira Smith

American Fork, UT


How long are your programs (weeks and hours)?

Our standard program starts 5 minutes after the bell rings (to allow for movement to the room but not so much that the kids linger) for 1 hour and typically lasts for 6 weeks. We will be happy to discuss any atypical scheduling needs. Just call 801 292 8646.


Who pays for an after-school program?

Typically, after-school programs are paid for by parents through registration on our website. In some cases, a PTO or other organization may opt to pay part or all of the students' enrollment. It all depends on your school.


What does the school need to provide?

Once the school and Mad Science have finalized the dates, the school will need to provide us an area to hold the program in. We have worked in classrooms, cafeterias, etc. Together we will decide how the school wants to dispense information about the program. We are happy to make up a flier that can ether be emailed or handed out.


How much does a Mad Science 6 week program cost?

For each child, the Mad Science program will cost $72 plus whatever facility fee the school or district charges.


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