Our Demonstration Fun Station Themes


Rocket Launch

This $175 per hour fun stations includes 4 model rocket launches per hour. The kids have so much fun predicting the trajectory of the rocket based on the wind direction and the angle of the launch rod. Serous rocket engineering at its finest-BECAUSE THEY DON'T EVEN REALIZE THAT THEY'RE DOING IT!


Static Electricity

Static electricity can come from various objects like carpet, doorknobs, sweaters, and balloons. During this demonstration, kids get to witness the effect of static electricity first hand. This demonstration is so mind-blowing, it makes the hairs on the back of their necks stand up—literally!


Dry Ice

Ever wondered how the infamous fog effect is generated? You guessed it…dry ice! During this demonstration, children learn all of the chilling facts behind dry ice, in addition to conjuring up a few magical potions using the element itself. This demo is always popular, because BUBBLES FILLED WITH FOGGY GAS!


Vortex Generator

Perhaps one of the best parts of a birthday is getting to blow out the candles on the cake. However, imagine being able to blow out those candles from all the way across the room! During this demonstration, children use scientific concepts to blow out a candle from nearly 20ft. away, and ultimately learn how air can travel long distances.


Bernoulli's Principle

Swiss mathemetician Daniel Bernoulli realized that air moving faster beneath an object than above makes an object rise. This principle is heavily used in aeronautics and still continues to AMAZE children with floating ping pong balls, paper flying machines, etc. This booth has a varitety of experiments!


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