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We offer kids 3 hour experiences that are entertaining educational ways to keep their minds engaged during the summer months! They will be wowed by green glowing liquid, messages written in secret code, autonomous robots, and mystery substances that change from solid to liquid in seconds. There's something for everyone!

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Our camps are a great way to help stop the summer slide and have fun at the same time!

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Here's what parents have to say about our camps!

My son attended the Earth, Space & Beyond Mad Science Camp last summer and absolutely loved it! The hours were convenient for our family, and the location was close by for us. We're sending him again to a Mad Science camp this upcoming summer. These are well run camps, in our experience, and I recommend them for people looking for a fun, science-based camp experience.


Silver Spring, MD

Both of our boys did Mad Science summer camps when they were younger, and loved the experience! It was a very fun and interactive experience for them. And counselor Beth Morrell is the best!!!


Raleigh, NC

My son participated in a true "camp" with horses, swimming, fishing and hiking and he was MORE excited about this camp than anything else he's done all summer. Great job on your end!


Austin, TX


Can I sign my child up for more than one camp?

Yes, in fact, we encourage it. Each program is completely different, so your child can enjoy them all without repeating activities! Use code MADCAMP when checking out for a $10 discount on each camp when signing up via the Mad Science website.


Who are the Mad Science camp instructors?

Mad Science instructors tend to be college students pursing an education or science degree, former/retired teachers, or teachers on summer break. All of our instructors have experience working with large groups of elementary-aged children and have undergone an extensive background check.


What is the child to instructor ratio?

The child to instructor ratio varies depending on enrollment. We always have at least one instructor for every 12-15 students. If the camp goes larger, we will send another instructor.


Does Mad Science camp include snacks?

We do not include snacks for many reasons. Canyons school district does not allow us to offer food to the children, there are so many food allergies to account for, it is nearly impossible to stay ahead of the preferences of the children, etc. We will take a break during the 3 hour session where the child can eat a snack brought from home.


Are different aged children in the same camp?

Yes. Sometimes, this can mean that there are 5 year olds and 12 year olds in the same camp. The Mad Scientists are quite good at "reading the room" to see what the dynamic is. Some of the older childern like helping the younger children. They are free to choose their own groups when we break into group work.

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